Golf Courses:

The grassing and stabilization of a golf course encompasses many operations. Coordination with golf course architects and general contractors, working with varied terrain characteristics, as well as planning and executing the actual grassing phase in tight time tables, in different climates, soils, weather conditions and seasons.

For more than 20 years, Hydroseeding Pro Inc. has led the field with experienced personnel, resources, equipment, and the knowledge to grass, stabilize, prevent, purify and create prized golf course facilities which are completed on time, accurate to specifications, and are a credit to the planners and nature herself.


Having serviced mine reclamation projects throughout the central east coast Hydroseeding Pro has a proven record of OSHA safety standards and large mobilization and service history. Mine projects require strict time horizons and large equipment capabilities, both characteristics possessed by our firm.

Forest Fire Rehabilitation:

With experience in forest fire rehabilitation, by use of aerial seeding via Erickson AirCranes in the Rocky Mountains, our firm can coordinate and manage serious environmental concerns in intense circumstances. Our contacts and relationships Helped several experience firms form a coalition in the Colorado forest fire rehabilitation, providing experienced crews to mix special blends of hydroseeding Slurry which was deposited hundreds of feet above the mountains by Erickson’s custom helicopters, or air cranes. With only a three-week window before the rain season, 1500 acres were stabilized within twelve days for the Denver DOT.

Athletic Fields & Parks:

Understanding the wear and tear of public and private fields and parks, experience with new construction and existing facilities and staff that works closely with general contractors, local and state official and designers and architects makes our firm the go to choice. Understanding wetlands, drainage, use, access, stormwater control, aesthetics, and long term occupancy, Hydroseeding Pro has renovated, constructed and maintained Athletic fields of all types and parks for city, state, federal and green acres associations.


Customized services are prepared annual for single or cluster quarries. Aggregate, stoneOr specialized quarries must meet yearly inspections for erosion, sediment and dust control issues. Proper planning with our consultants, immediate and customized services, and long-term approach have satisfied our clients and regulators in the quarry industries.

In 2002, Hydroseeding Pro received the Soil Conservation Award for work completed on Slope and Upland areas at Tilcon Quarry. This project required 15 acres of stabilization, consulting and implementation of BMP’s. Since the base of the slopes had wildlife unique to the area and two large reservoirs, this project was under strict supervision by EPA, DEC and Soil Conservation. Hydroseeding Pro conducted several on site meetings And created solutions to adhere to all concerns. Implementation of erosion control blankets and acres of BFM (Bonded Fiber Matrix) Applications proved to exceed Expectations and lead to our convented 2002 Soil Conservation Award.


Hydroseeding Pro Inc. is one of the nation's most experienced erosion control contractors, with an extensive resume of both new landfill cappings as well as wetland and mitigation services on closures. Since the 1980's, we have completed some of the first erosion control services for landfills and Superfund projects in the country. We have completed erosion control measures on 35 landfills consisting of thousands of acres on projects nationwide. Our solutions incorporate the latest technology and materials, and our trained staff can manage our activities in conjunction with any prime contractor in any region.Whether it is a one-acre new cell or a one hundred acre Superfund closure, our error-free workmanship and our on time completion have allowed us to perform no matter how tight the schedule or conditions.

Our reputation in the Landfill Industry is second to none and we are constantly striving to add new techniques to our repertoire. Our investment in high-end hydroseeders, mulchers and open-line communicating headsets has proven to help accelerate our productivity and increase our seeding effiecency. Pioneering the incorporation of BFM’s (Bonded Fiber Matrix Mulch) into our application menu, we have set the bar for others to follow. We are truly on the cutting edge of our industry, and would like to put our knowledge and expertise to work for you.

Related Professional Associations: Solid Waste Association of North America Environmental Industry Association International Erosion Control Association

2002 Landfill References CLICK ON THIS and I have references


Urban sprawl has forced our communites to deal with the growing concerns of water quality, land use and pollution of all kinds. Wetlands are now more precious than ever, and the creation and maintenance of these small ecosystms are proving vital for our earths survival. Our firm can created, plant and maintain various wetland prjects, whether in a small housing development or large scale landfill capping and development zone, our experienced designers, landscape architects and operations crews will complete any size project on time and with long lasting results.

Our clients include, private, municipal, department of transportations, port authorities, DEP, EPA and superfund.

Highway & Heavy:

Hydroseeding Pro calls the nations largest highway and heavy prime contractors its Clients. Specializing in large scale highway hydroseeding and stabilization our firm Has work on hundreds of miles of roadsides, sound barriers, bridge and overpass constructions, acceleration and deceleration ramps, guardrail installation, airport construction and wetlands. Our estimating and sales staff can provide quick and competitive quotation, our operations department can coordinate and produce any size project and our professional office and administrative staff will insure corporate control and service throughout the duration of all projects, union, open shop, state, local and federal.

Associations: Associated General Contractors of America Utility Transportation Contractors Associations


Hydroseeding Pro Inc. services general contractors and facilities themselves with grassing, stabilization, dust control, and erosion and stormwater measures on both small and large airport projects. Our operation crews, equipment and safety guidelines, enable our firm to servie the likes of: Philidelphia Airport, Liberty Newark Airport, JFK Airport, Stewart and Randalls Airforce Base, Picatinay Arsenal, Teteboro Airport, Essex County Airport and many others.

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