The most common procedure, One Step Method, is a blend of the appropriate seed, fertilizer, tackifier and wood fiber mulch. Mixed into a slurry by one of our fleets hydroseeders, and applied directly to the seed bed. This direct contact at high pressure and by our trained applicators ensures high germination rates and a beautiful end product.

Bonded Fiber Matrix:


Straw Mulching & Tac:

Today, all sites must comply with soil conservation methods, which most often require straw mulching. Our full range of small and large mulchers evenly distribute straw on sites ranging from 1 acre to 500 acres, providing erosion control and seed protection.

Erosion Control Blanket:

Design, selection & installation Perfect for stabilizing 2:1 slopes, extreme terrain and sides of detention basins. Our experienced designers and crews will create and implement the correct match of blanket onto the earth for erosion control and proper germination along these tough conditions.

Ground Preparation:

New construction often leaves unprepared seed beds. Our innovative equipment, experienced operators and crews will transform your raw site to a ready-to-seed surface. Removing rocks, swales and ditches, capping with topsoil and bringing in soil additives are all services that can be performed to prepare your site.

Extreme Terrain Services:

Mountainous terrain, forest fire devastation, wetland and swamp conditions, flood and other natural disasters are many types of conditions that our 24 hour emergency response teams can service. Aerial seeding, bonded fiber matrix stabilization applications, and long-range erosion control capability are just a few of the solutions we can provide.

Wetland Services:

Planting, tidal, & mitigation. With over 45 years of combined experience, our project managers and certified professionals will coordinate and manage your project from: decisions on BMP’s, (best management practices), plant & bare root selection, designing and soil testing, cooperating with local, state and federal associations and implementing with acreage of less than one-acre to large design build restorations over 4,000 acres.

Landscape Services:

Detention basins, quarry, mines, highways, stream banks, commercial, residential and industrial sites. Our staff, in conjunction with our parent company, Sponzilli Landscape Design Inc. can design, build and implement virtually any type of environmental landscape project for our clients.

Wildflower Seeding:

Having extensive experience with seed selection, soil determination and proper seeding methods, our firm will guarantee beautiful results on any highway project, detention basin and/or commercial, residential site. Wildflower germination often takes longer time periods for mature germination and our commitment to seeing a project from start to finish will ensure that your results are highly visible.

Design & Consulting:

Our professional design staff and estimating department will provide efficient and ergonomically sound solutions for various types of conditions and clients. Our staff and associates can provide cutting edge options to meet the complexities of our ever-changing environment.